jeudi, le 1 juin

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Today in math we corrected our exercises on time on the board.  The class had the opportunity to verify their work and ask any questions if they did not understand.  We also completed a variety of similar exercises in our math journal as a mini-assessment.

In language arts, we started a new unit in our Moving Up series.  This unit focuses on analyzing information to find the facts.  Our read aloud for this unit is titled Killer Whales: Animal Predator.  The title immediately grabbed the attention of the students.  We began the unit by writing down what we think we know about killer whales.  As we read our non-fiction text we will confirm whether or not our prior knowledge is correct.

In social studies we continued looking at and discussing the six regions of Canada: Western Cordillera, Interior Plains, Arctic, Canadian Shield, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Appalachian Region.  The class started a simple project where they had to identify the regions on a map and write a small description based on what we already read and discussed about the regions.

To end the day the class worked on their skits in religion.

Tomorrow we will use a part of our afternoon to finish incomplete work as there are a large group of students who have incomplete assignments.  There are however a few students who have finished everything.  I have given those students permission to bring in something from home to do during this time.

Please note on Tuesday, June 6th our class will be going to the Fluvarium for a field trip that coincides with our science unit on habitats.  Please sign and return the permission form along with the $1 fee by Friday, June 2nd.

Important dates:

  • June 2nd – Share – a – Lunch donations due
  • June 2nd – permission forms and $1 due for field trip
  • June 6th – Field Trip to Fluvarium

Messages/ Reminders

  • Evaluations signed and returned


À vendredi,


Mme Newman



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