mercredi, le 10 mai


To start the day the class had gym and music.

After music I reviewed with them the revision exercises at the end of chapter 9 and asked if there were any questions before their test.  They completed their test on chapter 9 today.  We will move into division tomorrow.

In health they completed their first three exercises on the digestive system: the mouth (saliva), teeth (chewing) and the stomach.

After lunch the majority of my class was at a practice for their drama matinee tomorrow.  The remaining five students worked on incomplete work.

To end the day we worked on a special project for our mom’s!

I sent home an evaluation with your child today, please sign and return.  

Our last School Lunch envelope for the year went home today.  Orders are due back on May 16th!

Important dates:

  • May 12th – Scholastic orders due
  • May 16th – School Lunch orders due
  • May 19th – PD – No school for students

Messages/ Reminders

  • Evaluations signed and returned


À jeudi,

Mme Newman


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