lundi, le 8 mai


Today in math we corrected the practice sheet of multiplications that I gave the students on Friday.  Each student went to the board and completed one of the practice multiplications.  The class also completed three similar exercises in their math journal today as a mini-assessment.  Tomorrow we will complete the chapter review and our test on chapter 9 is Wednesday, May 10th!

The class had gym outside today.

In social studies we started a group project.  The class was divided in groups and were given a section from chapter 7 to read and prepare, in any form they choose, to present to the class.  They could present the information as a large poster, an illustrated book, a news report, etc.  They will work on their projects each day in class and will do their presentations on Friday or Monday.

In French, the class is finishing their final copies of their writing piece.

To end the day the class had music.

Important dates:

  • May 12th – Scholastic orders due
  • May 19th – PD – No school for students

Messages/ Reminders

  • math test Wednesday, May 10th
  • Library tomorrow
  • Evaluations signed and returned

À mardi,

Mme Newman



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