mercredi, le 26 avril


Today in math we corrected our practice exercises from yesterday.  The class seems very comfortable with this strategy.  We also completed our first journal entry for this chapter.  The students completed two similar exercises using the same concept as a mini evaluation.  They also completed workseets in their duotang for extra practice.

In language arts, the class practiced their poems.  Each student presented their poem in front of the class as practice for their presentations for tomorrow.  Final presentations for an oral evaluation and the top 5 picks from our class will take place tomorrow.  The top 5 will present their poems again Friday morning in front of all the grade 4 teachers and students to choose the top 12 from all classes to continue to the Oratorical on Thursday of next week.  Please ensure that your child has his/ her poem memorized and is well prepared for their presentations tomorrow.

In French, we started a writing assessment based on the short novel we just finished reading La Ronde des Papillons.  In the book, Sarah, the young girl has to perform a solo at a concert and she gets butterflies in her stomach everytime she tries to practice.  The students will write about a time when they were nervous about something.

In health, the class continued with the final project on healthy living.

The Rotary Music Festival is tomorrow, Thursday, April 27th.  The grade 4 Choir will be travelling to the Rotary Music Festival at Memorial University School of Music.  Ms. O’Keefe has asked that all students wear black and white for this event.

Please note I sent home two evaluations with your child today.  Please sign and return with your child tomorrow.

Important dates:

  • April 27th – Rotary Music Festival
  • May 4th – Oratorical
  • May 6th – A Night Out on the Shore – Dinner/ Dance/ Auction – Tickets are on sale.
  • May 19th – PD – No school for students

Messages/ Reminders

  • Oratorical – Practice poems
  • Rotary permission forms and $2
  • Evaluations signed and returned

À demain,

Mme Newman


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