mardi, le 11 avril

e6ddb87b45295374618b8357eda2d619Today in math we corrected our exercises from lesson 13, adding and subtracting decimals.  We also completed and corrected our exercises for the end of chapter review in preparation for our tests tomorrow.  Our chapter 7 test is tomorrow, April 12th.

In social studies we read and discussed the second of our four physical elements, rivers. We look at various examples in our book then the class had to draw and label a river and define key words related to rivers.

In art, the class are making their own Easter baskets!  On Thursday I will put a little something in each basket!

To end the day the class visited the library to exchange their books for the week.

School wide pizza day is tomorrow!  Please note that drinks are not provided. Students are responsable to bring their own beverage.

Rotary Music Festival

On Thursday, April 27th the grade 4 Choir will be travelling to the Rotary Music Festival at Memorial University School of Music.  A permission form went home with your child today.  Please return along with the $2 registration fee.

Important dates:

  • April 27th – Rotary Music Festival
  • May 6th – A Night Out on the Shore – Dinner/ Dance/ Auction – Tickets are on sale.
  • May 19th – PD – No school for students
  • Scholastic orders due – April 13th

Messages/ Reminders

  • Math test – April 12th
  • Evaluations signed and returned

À demain,

Mme Newman


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