jeudi, le 6 avril


Today in math I introduced lesson 12 on how to make change when paying for something.  For example, Jack has $20 he wants to buy a skateboard that is $18.35.  How much change will Jack get back?  Our book uses a number line to teach the students how to make chamge.  The class is very familiar with number lines; hence, this concept was  easier for the students to understand.  After we did several examples on the board, the class completed exercises 1, 2, 3 & 4 on pg. 247 for individual practice.  Those who did not finished will need to do so for homework.  Our math test is on Wednesday, April 12th.

In French,  we review IR verbs and practiced using IR verbs in sentences.

Gym was outside today.

In social studies we read and discussed different physical elements of the world: oceans, islands, rivers, & mountains.  Today we focused on mountains.  We read and discussed how mountains are formed and how they can change over time.  We looked at and discussed different mountains in the world.

In art we continued with our art piece.  The class is using a drawing strategy, on-point deminision, to draw a cityscape.

Field trip forms and $2 are due tomorrow!  We will be leaving in the morning to go the the CBS arena to watch the game.  Those who have not returned their permission form will not be permitted to attend.

Your child received scholastic order forms for the month of April.  Orders are due next Thursday, April 13th!

Classroom supplies- I am noticing that some students are running out of necessary supplies for the classroom, especially notebooks.  Please check with your child to see if he/ she is in need of anything for class.  

Important dates:

  • April 12th – Pizza day *Please note change of date from the 13th to the 12th.
  • May 6th – A Night Out on the Shore – Dinner/ Dance/ Auction – Tickets are on sale.
  • May 19th – PD – No school for students
  • School Lunch Orders – due April 10th
  • Scholastic orders due – April 13th

Messages/ Reminders

  • maths pg. 247 ex. 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Field trip – permission form and $2
  • 2L milk carton
  • Math test – April 12th
  • Evaluations signed and returned

À demain,

Mme Newman




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