mercredi, le 29 mars



Today in math I reviewed the two lessons that my substitute covered during my absence.  The class seemed to be very comfortable with changing fractions  to decimals.  After doing some extra practice on the board to review we corrected our homework exercises on page 234-235. The class then completed two similar exercises in their math journals and lesson 8 in their duotangs.

In health we reviewed the food charts that they completed at home.  We had a discussion on portions and serving sizes as well as how easy it is to eat more portions than recommended by the Canadian Food Guide.

In language arts the students continued with their character sketches on Varjak Paw.  Once finished they continued working on their postcards and facebook page assignments that they began with my substitute.

The class had choir today.

In social studies the class had their quiz on the map of Canada then continued with their foldable on the different climate zones of the world.

Classroom supplies- I am noticing that some students are running out of necessary supplies for the classroom, especially notebooks.  Please check with your child to see if he/ she is in need of anything for class.

Important dates:

  • April 12th – Pizza day *Please note change of date from the 13th to the 12th.
  • May 6th – A Night Out on the Shore – Dinner/ Dance/ Auction – Tickets are on sale.

Messages/ Reminders

  • Evaluations signed and returned

À demain,

Mme Newman



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