jeudi, le 23 mars


Before I get into today’s lesson I would like to let you know that I will be absent tomorrow, Monday and possibly Tuesday.  My grandmother passed away yesterday and I will be leaving tomorrow to be with my family and honor my grandmother.  Your child may of noticed that I was visibily upset/sad yesterday and that was the reason, as I received a call from my Mom during school hours.  Please note there will be no blog posts for these days.

The class had gym and music to start their day.

Today in math we completed the mid-chapter review in chapter 7 on fractions.  Tomorrow my sub will continue with lesson 8- how to represent fraction tenths as decimals.

In language arts, we continued with our character sketches on Varjak Paw.  Most of the class are almost finished with their writing pieces.

In social studies, we read and discussed what are some of the Earth’s physical features: lakes, rivers, mountains, islands, deserts, etc.  We also read and discussed the Earth’s climate regions: polar, temperate and tropical.

To end the day we started another Hackmatack book simply as a read aloud.

In an effort to support World Epilepsy Day, students are encouraged to wear purple tomorrow.

Classroom supplies- I am noticing that some students are running out of necessary supplies for the classroom, especially notebooks.  Please check with your child to see if he/ she is in need of anything for class.

Important dates:

  • April 13th – Pizza day
  • Friday, March 24 – World Epilepsy Day – Students are asked to wear purple!

Messages/ Reminders

  • Social studies quiz- Wednesday, March 29th
  • Evaluations signed and returned

À mercredi,

Mme Newman


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