vendredi, le 10 mars


Today in math the class completed their timed math quiz.  After the quiz, I introduced lesson 2 in chapter 7 which teaches how to name, represent, compare and order fractions of a group.  I did several examples on the board then I asked the class to give me several exmples.  For individual practice, the students completed exercises 1, 3 and 7 on page 213-214.  Those who did not finish will need to do so for homework.

In language arts, we finished our novel study on Varjak Paw.  Ask your child how the story ends and what they liked the most about the book.  The class REALLY enjoyed following the adventures of Varjak Paw!

The class had gym outside today!  It was cold!  Please remember to send hats, mittens, and scarves with your child.

After lunch, the class got to showcase their sound instruments to the upcoming grade three classes.  Each of the grade three classes dropped by to observe, ask questions and try out the instruments created by our grade four students.  Bravo mes amis!  The class took their instruments home today.


To end the day, the class had music!

Important dates:

  • March 14th – Report cards go home
  • March 14th – School Lunch orders due
  • March 16th – Parent/ teacher interviews – Early dismissal 11:30
  • March 16th – Scholastic orders are due
  • March 16th – Yearbook orders are due
  • March 17th – No school for students/ Teacher PD
  • April 13th – Pizza day


Messages/ Reminders

  • math pg. 213-214 ex. 1, 3 & 7
  • Evaluations signed and returned


À lundi,

Mme Newman


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