jeudi, le 3 novembre



To start the day, the class had gym and music!

Today in math we learned a new subtraction strategy “Subtracting by Renaming.”  It is a new concept for the grade 4’s and the class really liked this strategy since it makes subtracting numbers that end in “000” easier to calculate.  I introduced the strategy and we did several examples as a whole class.  For independent practice, the class completed exercises 2 and 4 on page 93.  We are almost finish this unit, there will be a test Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

In language arts, most students finished their monster writing piece.  Those who did not finish will use any free class time to continue their work.  Tomorrow we will be starting something new in our English class.

In French the class began their research for their project.  Each student was given a region and the criteria for the project yesterday.  I reviewed with them the expectations for their assignment.  Today I booked the Ipads and directed the students to a link with hyperlinks to all the regions to begin their research.

Please note I will be absent tomorrow.  There will be no blog post!

Reminders/ Messages

  • Math test – Wednesday or Thursday!
  • Chapter’s Night permission forms- please sign and return
  • Scholastic due Tuesday, Nov. 8
  • School Picture orders due Friday, Nov. 4
  • Please send along any old catalogues/ old magazines etc.

À lundi,

Mme Newman



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