mercredi, le 2 novembre


In math today we corrected our exercises from yesterday on page 90.  Then the class was divided into groups of three and they played a dice game which reinforces the concepts of estimation and calculating an exact response.  They enjoyed this activity!  To finish the lesson, they completed exercises #5 a & b and #8 in their math journals.

In social studies they are working on their logbooks!  Today they started to write and create their journal entries.  They are very excited about their projects and I cannot wait to see the finished journals!

In language arts, we are almost finished our final copies of our monster writing.  Tomorrow will be our last class to finish.

In French, I reintroduced their project on the different regions of France.  I presented a slideshow on the regions of France a week before Halloween but we did not get to start our projects since we began our Halloween themed haunted houses.  Today I reintroduced the regions and assigned each student a different region for their project.  I have booked the Ipads for the class in the upcoming two weeks to do some research in class and to complete their assignment.  We will work on these each Wednesday as that is the day I have booked the Ipads.  This assignment will be completed in class.

To end the day we went to the library to exchange our books!

Reminders/ Messages

  • Chapter’s Night permission forms- please sign and return
  • Scholastic due Tuesday, Nov. 8
  • School Picture orders due Friday, Nov. 4
  • Please send along any old catalogues/ old magazines etc.

À jeudi,

Mme Newman


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