lundi, le 31 octobre


Well Halloween is here!  With some excited kiddies in my class this morning; today was mainly a day for getting some unfinished work complete.

Today in maths we corrected our exercises on page 86 from Friday.  The class completed exercises in their duotang for lessons 6 and 7.  We will start lesson 8 tomorrow.

In  French the class worked on, and most completed, their haunted house activity and description.  Here are a few examples.


In language arts most of the class have finished their rough drafts.  To begin we watched a quick video on editing and revising our work.  We talked about the importance of editing and revising and went on to peer editing with a classmate today.

After lunch the students were given a coloring contest sheet to color for a chance to win $25.  To end the day we went to the gym with all the other elementary level students to have some fun!

Here is a picture of all the creatures that came to Mme Newman’s class after lunch!!!


Reminders/ Messages

  • Social studies project- jot notes dueTOMORROW for those who forgot them today.
  • Chapter’s Night permission forms- please sign and return
  • Scholastic due Tuesday, Nov. 8
  • School Picture orders due Nov. 4

À mardi,

Mme Newman


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