mercredi, le 26 octobre


In math today we looked at lesson 6 in chapter 3, estimating and finding differences.  As an introductory activity, the students were given a problem and then put into groups to solve their problem using estimation strategies and subtraction.   Some groups presented their work today, other groups will present tomorrow.

In French, we continued with our haunted house activity.  Today’s goal was to finish decorating our haunted house so we can start the writing activity tomorrow.

In language arts, the class continued with their hamburger paragraph writing.  Once they finished with writing their paragraphs on the hamburger organizer, they started putting their paragraphs together into their rough draft.

In sciences we read about and discussed minerals.  In groups the class completed a graphic organizer to identify and briefly describe the different properties of minerals.  There are 6 that we looked at in our unit.

In art, the class finished their oil pastel fall artwork.  They look great!  Check it out!  There are still 4 students that need to complete their artwork.




This year our Grade 4 classes will be participating in the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award 2016-1027.  We will be encouraging our students to read and celebrate Canadian books and their authors. The Grade 4 students will have a voice to choose their own literacy heroes as they will cast their vote in the Spring for his or her favorite book and Canadian author.

If you would like to donate one of the books that will be used in this project, please contact Ms. King our teacher-librarian at Maybe you know of a company that would like to donate the entire set of books that we will need for this project. OR you can visit to see the list of books that will be reading. Perhaps you can donate one or two books from that list. We really appreciate your support in this project


St. Edward’s School is hosting a Chapters Night Tuesday, November 8th!

Where:  Chapters, Kenmount Road

When: Tuesday, November 8 from 7:00 – 9:00pm

 (Our Grade 4 choir will be performing at 7:30)

20% of all purchases made at Chapters and Starbucks (Excluding gift-cards and promotions ) will go to St. Edward’s school.  We will use the funds that we raise to purchase literacy resources for our school. It is a great opportunity to purchase beautiful books for your child, stock up on gifts or even get an early start on your Christmas shopping.  Please remember to inform the staff at Chapters when you are purchasing that you are supporting St. Edward’s School.  If staff at Chapters are not informed that your purchase is supporting St. Edward’s school then that purchase will not be included in our fundraising total.

We look forward to seeing the community of St. Edward’s school support our Chapter’s Night on November 8th.

Reminders/ Messages

  • Social studies project- jot notes due Oct. 28
  • Coats for Kids October 24-28
  • Chapter’s Night permisson forms- please sign and return


À jeudi,

Mme Newman



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