lundi, le 17 octobre


Happy Monday!

Today in math I corrected our exercises from Friday on page 72 (#’2, 3, 4) on the board as we reviewed estimation again.  To finish lesson 2, the class completed the worksheet in their duotang that accompanies this lesson.

In health, we read a section in our book that talked about emotions.  We talk about different kinds of emotions that we have like happy, sad, angry, etc.  The students shared about a time when they felt a strong emotion about something.

In language arts, we organized our literacy binders.  For our literacy block, we will be working through the following rotations: read to others, word work, reader’s response, guided activities, listening activities, and work on writing.  Today we also started the    pre-writing stage of our first process piece of writing.  Using a program called Kidspiration on the teamboard, we brainstormed words associated with Halloween.  Then the class worked with a partner to find one word associated with Halloween beginning with each letter of the alphabet; for example, A – autumn, B-bats etc.  They had a little difficulty with certain letters like X, Y and Z!  They put this in their word work section of their binders once completed.

In social studies, we read and discussed page 4-5 in our textbook that talks about how to create a primary source.  We read and discussed the example provided then I explained the steps they would take to create their their own example as described in our text.  Students have a copy of the assignment and rubric in French.  I have translated the important parts of the assignment here for you.

The goal of the assignment is to create a primary source.  Students need to decide on the focus of their primary source.  They can choose a place, a way of life of other people, or idea to explore.  Some suggestions in the book were to explore a place in your community or your ancestor’s way of life.  Once they have chosen a focus for their log, they will begin a log of their exploration.  Each time they explore, they must indicate the date and record their observations in their log.  They must have at least three entries and two different types of visuals (charts, sketches, photos, maps, etc.)  The class have already shared some great ideas for their explorations!  Students are to record (jot notes) their observations.  We will work on our final copies in class.  Student’s observations/ jot notes are due Oct. 28.  We will work on the final product in class.

In science the class has now finished their pet rocks and lost posters.  They will now present their pet rocks and posters to the class as a part of their oral grade.  Today, I handed out a rubric and reviewed with them the expectations for their presentation.  They used the remainder of today’s class time to practice and prepare.  They will be given time in class tomorrow to prepare and practice with a partner.  Presentations will start Wednesday.

Reminders/ Messages

  • Science presentations Wednesday
  • Coats for Kids October 24-28
  • School Lunch Envelopes due Oct. 18
  • Jamarama – Oct. 21 Donation $2.00
  • No School Oct. 25

À demain,

Mme Newman




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