mercredi, le 12 octobre


Today in math we continued with lesson one in chapter 3 on estimation.  We reviewed the assigned exercises from yesterday then the class completed the first lesson in their duotang and completed two questions in their math journal.

In health, the class continued with the projects from yesterday “What Makes Me unique.” They are enjoying completing their little person!

After recess the class had gym outside.  It was a beautiful, crisp fall day!

In Language Arts, we have finished our short novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  Today the class started their storyboards.  For this they are to use the information they recorded for each chapter and present it using a storyboard.  The storyboard is a visual representation of the book.  The class is required to represent each chapter with an image depicting the main idea and facts from the chapter and one brief caption.  The focus is on the details in the image.

In social studies, we reviewed their group work from yesterday.  First we read and discussed the three different primary sources presented: a logbook, a journal entry and a blog.  The groups then shared what similarities and differences they observed between the three.  I wrote these on the board and the class copied any missing information onto their sheet.

To end the day, the class had music.

Vocabulary words for Friday’s quiz:

parler,  soeur,  maison,  regarder,  chien,  jouer,  petit(e),  gentil/ gentille,  voiture, habiter, ami/amie

Reminders/ Messages

  • Quiz- vocabulaire 2 (français) -Friday, Oct. 14
  • Math test- please sign and return
  • Dividers – please have these for Friday
  • School Pictures tomorrow
  • Coats for Kids October 24-28
  • School Lunch Envelopes due Oct. 18

À demain,

Mme Newman




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